Christmas silliness and first Ravelry pattern!

Now that I’ve got the hang of knitting and am busting out knitted things at a seriously alarming rate, I’m getting a good idea about how things are constructed and starting to think of patterns of my own.  My eventual aim is to design the occasional garment and start up an Etsy store to sell them, as well as selling the patterns on Ravelry.


For now, I’m starting small so I can upload some free patterns on Ravelry and see how they do.  The first of these was a silly trio of Christmas ornaments I came up with while playing with some scrap yarn a few weeks ago.  I call it Santa’s Jolly Christmas Balls.  You can download the pattern for free here.  It’s my first pattern ever and very exciting!


Did I mention that this is my pattern?


Aren’t they cute?  They use almost no yarn, and took me just a few minutes to make each one.  You can easily do all three in an evening.


Apparently, people have actually been downloading my pattern and making these!  Eep!


I was on a roll all autumn making silly ornaments for our first Christmas tree, but we didn’t end up getting one since I figured Puppy Face would just destroy it.  I hung the ornaments from an obliging plant and bookshelf instead.




We can’t get enough of Dr. Who in our house. Both these patterns are on Ravelry, here and here.



Pattern here.


Of course this year I also had to make another 10 stockings, and I made some other gifts, such as this fabulous hat and some lovely mitts for my in-laws.  I even got the sewing machine out (more on that next week).  Now that Christmas is over, I’m starting on a few projects for me and some other house stuff.


Before I know it, it will be hot again in Savannah and time to put the wool away until next winter.  I’ve got some cotton and linen design ideas percolating, though, so keep your eyeballs peeled for those.


For now, happy crunching!


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