Easy top / skirt

With less than two weeks to go until my move to sunny Savannah, I am in need of some pretty, summery clothes.  Here’s a really simple way to deal with this problem.

I saw this turorial on Sew Like My Mom a while ago, and have been dying to try it.  It is so well-explained, and looked so easy that even a haphazard sewer like me could probably do it.

Crunch time came on the day I made the half-and-half dress. I was on such a high after having actual sewing success that I just kept going, and made this top in the same afternoon!  I mentioned before that I had loads of material left over from the original dress that I hacked up – well, here’s where a lot of it went.  I present, the Top Skirt.


Sorry for the terrible mirror shot…

The tutorial over at Sew Like My Mom explains exactly how to do it, so I won’t bother.  I did make a few modifications though.  Firstly, I didn’t simply make a skirt out of an old t-shirt like she did.  Oh, no.  I decided to go one step further and make a combo top AND skirt!  (*gasp*)

I basically just added removable straps.  It was very easy.  I just took some scrap fabric and sewed 4 loops to the inside of the top, like this:


Make sure you put them a couple of inches below the top edge, or they will peek out.

The original dress happened to have a tie around the waist, so I just cut it in half, then trimmed a bit off each end to make the loops.  I attached a couple of old bra strap hooks, and voila!  The cool thing about the loops is that I could change up the straps to whatever I fancy, maybe a pretty piece of ribbon or something.

So, my spangly new garment can be worn as a strapless OR bestrapped top, OR a skirt, like this:


Fancy, right?

Also, it looks seriously cute by itself, like a tiny toddler dress.



When I’m finished with it I could find a 3-year-old to give it to.

So, there you have it – an easy and fun way to make something new.

Happy crunching!



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