Christmas knitting

So, now that everyone has opened their gifts (somewhat early, in Adam’s case), I can reveal what has been occupying most of my sitting-down time for the last 3 months and caused me to be that weird woman at parties who is knitting in the corner.

First of all, I give you… the stockings!

There they are!

I made fourteen in total, at a rate of about one each week. Eight for Adam’s family, and four for my brother and his family. Then, just when I thought I was finished, a friend here on Jeju asked me to make two more, so of course I was more than happy to oblige. In another classic Helen move, I mis-counted when I ordered the yarn, so I didn’t have enough left for my own! I will make one before next year when it can join the other Mathews’ stockings on the mantle. (^_^)

Here they all are, thrown in a big pile on the floor (my phone provided for scale, these things are huge!)

So much knitting!

Each stocking has the recipient’s name on it, plus a nice snowflake motif. I went with red for the girls and green for the boys, so there is some uniformity without them all being the same. This was the first time I’ve knit with double-pointed needles, and my first sock, so it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about the construction of socks. For the knitters among you, the pattern can be found here.

So that was a big project. But not only have I been knitting stockings like there’s no tomorrow, I have also made my first foray into garments with Adam’s Dude sweater.

I finished it!!

A few months ago when first really getting into the swing of things with knitting, I made the mistake of asking Adam if he wanted anything, and let him browse the patterns on Ravelry with me. He spotted an amazing pattern for this sweater from The Big Lebowski, and of course had to have it. I was slightly terrified intimidated by the prospect of this being my first piece of clothing, but I thought I’d give it my best shot. So I ordered the yarn and got started. The yarn, by the way, is just heaven. Pure, undyed Peruvian highland wool from Cascade yarns. It arrived still smelling of sheep. So, I got stuck into this project at the same time as making the stockings, and, OH WAS IT FUN! It was so rewarding watching the beautiful patterns emerge, see all the pieces of the sweater take shape, and finally actually wear it. It wasn’t too hard to execute and didn’t take as long as I thought it would (I thought finishing it by Christmas was a long shot but it turns out I had plenty of time). I sent The Dude off to Adam in early December along with all the stockings for his family, and he couldn’t wait more than a few days to open it, so here he is wearing it. Hopefully a more complete picture will follow soon (hint!)

The Dude abides.

He seems to be pretty smitten with it, so I’m pleased. There are one or two changes I want to make when I get to see him and it in the spring, but otherwise I’m thrilled.

Of course, this is not the only knitting that I’ve been up to, oh no! I’ve also made a couple of smaller presents for my most wonderful friends, M-J and Lorna, although M-J is exercising discipline and not opening hers until Christmas so no photos of that yet. For Lorna, I made some fingerless gloves with some beautiful yarn I found. I also made myself a pair. (^_^)b

In non-knitting based Christmas DIY, I also made cards for everyone, as usual, and some seriously tasty mince pies. Alas these all got posted / eaten before I thought to take pictures, my blogging instincts clearly need some work.


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    carolyn mathews said,

    Adam wears his sweater constantly, and it looks great on him. It must have taken weeks! Yes, you better be knitting your stocking right now, so Santa can find you in Georgia next Christmas.
    I bought Scout a brand new softball from the sporting goods department for her stocking!
    We wish Santa could pick you up in his sleigh and drop you down our chimney but evidently he doesn’t do passenger service ; (

  2. 2

    […] course this year I also had to make another 10 stockings, and I made some other gifts, such as this fabulous hat and some lovely mitts for my in-laws.  I […]

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