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Dear family and friends…

This blog will follow me as I attempt to make as many things for myself as possible, be it bathroom products,  clothes or vegetables.  I will try to change one thing about my lifestyle every month.  This could be something small like ceasing to buy white flour, or something big like starting to grow all my own herbs.  Those of you who know something about my gardening skills will know how difficult the latter will be for me.

Basically, I want to be as self-sufficient as it’s possible to be within a working, urban lifestyle.  Next time you buy something ask yourself these questions, “Do I know where this came from?  What’s in it?  How did it get from the plant/animal to me?”  This awareness of where products come from, or a scary lack thereof, is driving me toward making my own wherever I can, or if that’s not possible, making sure I get things from responsible sources.  Not only will this benefit my health, but also my wallet AND the environment.  What can possibly go wrong?

Some of these changes will be easy to make.  Some will be hard.  Some will be as easy or hard as I choose to make them.  Take eggs:

Problem -Where do these eggs come from?  Were the chickens miserable?

Easy: Buy free range eggs.  Job done!

Moderate: Buy free-range, organic eggs from your local farmers’ market.  Mmmmmm, farmers’ market…

Hard: Buy some chicks and raise hens!

Raising chickens sounds fun, but I’m not there yet.  I can barely raise cilantro right now.

With each new foray into the unknown, I will keep you updated with how it turns out, as well as telling you how to do it, should you feel inspired to give it a try yourself.  I have already begun with a coupe of minor things, which I will post about shortly.

Happy crunching!


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